Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vodka Infused Apple Sauce...

There is nothing I like more than adding Vodka to food...well there a few things I like more, but this is way up there...

Everyone I know, except me, is a fan of putting fruit on their meat...I just don't get it...

So I figured if they insisted on putting apple sauce on their at least should be good apple sauce. Not the quasi baby formula crap you buy at the grocery store.

And...since I was making it from scratch...why not add a little Vodka to it...

Recipe- Serves 6
3 large apples
2 tbs brown sugar
6 tbs white sugar
1/2 ounce vanilla liqueur

Peel, core and dice apples. Place in a jar and add enough vodka to just cover them. Let sit for a day. Pour marinated apples into a sauce pan and add 1 cup of water, cook until apples are tender, about 15 minutes. Strain apples and add to blender/food processor. Blend in sugars, lemon juice and vanilla liqueur. Once all is blended pour back into sauce pan and cook on low heat for another 5 minute...Let cool and serve.

Cheers and Enjoy...I will be waiting for you dinner invitations...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FLIRTY THIRTIES are almost up!!!

So as of today I have exactly 6 months left in my Flirty Thirties...On June 21st 2011 I will enter my FABULOUS 40's...

I am very excited about this...but then realized that time is running out...for what you ask? For me to do all the things that a women can do while in her 30's...but could not dream about doing in her 40's...

I am really not sure what they are but there has to be something...So here is where I need your help...Tell me what it is I have to make sure I do before I become a "Respectable 40 year Old Women"... (it could happen)...

Leave me your a comment with your idea on what I NEED to do and I will do my best to complete and document it of course...

Please keep in mind that I am happily married to George Clooney so no debauchery requests please... (send those to my personal email...)

So looking forward to these next 6 months and all your FABULOUS..and maybe some what scary...ideas...



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have 4 kids...2 are potty training at the moment, so needless to say my life is full of shit. So I am used to it, Poo that is...will be saying Shit a lot over the next few lines, so going to use Poo, sounds funner...go ahead, say it out loud...Poo Poo...

However this Poo that I am talking about is not being produced by my toddlers, but by toddlers
of another kind...ya that's right I called ya toddlers...Now I am the one Poo Poo'ing. But I am Poo Poo'ing on the Poo Poo'ers, so that's ok...right? Fawk, I'm lost, you lost?

The Poo and Poo makers that I speak of are on does that make it Twoo not Poo?

You know who they are, they find some fault in absolutely everything, nothing is off limits. From small fun Twitter parties to giant co-oporations. No matter what, every one and every thing has done something to offend them. They set out to criticize, offend and try and stir up...well POO...

It's getting to the point where your afraid to comment or say something because a Winged Gaggle of Poo Poo'ers will swoop down and pluck you cyber eyeballs out... too graphic?

I know what your thinking, the freedom of speech goes both ways and I agree, 100%. The Poo Poo'ers have the right to bitch and complain about whatever they want, giant co-operations are at their mercy. That's just fine, I don't have to follow and I don't have to read all the crap...By the way...DEAR Poo Poo'ers of the world...there is such a thing as CRYING WOLF...If you SHIT on every company for the smallest thing, no ones going to give a SHIT anymore. I know it's hard to believe but not everyone is perfect. This also takes away from real issues that can cause real change... Check out ... or did they piss you off too?

My issue is when Poo Poo'ers jump all over the common woman or man or the harmle
ss party. Note to self Poo Poo' don't know who's on the other end of that computer screen you treasure so deeply. You don't know what kind of life that person has that you just jumped all over and SHIT on...Maybe they have been looking forward to Thursday night Twitter party all week, cus it's the one FAWKING thing they have in their life that brings them a little joy. Maybe they can't leave their home or room and expressing themselves through social media is all they have. And Maybe...just Maybe...your wrong! Did you get the whole conversation or did ya Tweet jack them? Do you know if they were talking about the same issue 3 days ago and this is a continuation of something you missed totally.

The whole point of Twitter is to interact, and that is my favourite part of it all. But don't JUMP and hurl the POO POO! Dip your toe in first, ask a question, find out what the chat is really about.

Ultimately there are real people at the end of your Poo Poo'ing. #BEKIND

I have been involved in many SHIT STORMS in my life and I have a great arm and great aim.

Nuff Said...

1 ounce of Enough Already...
2 ounces of Sometimes it's Good to say NOTHING
1 ounce of what's it like to be right all the time???

Add all ingredients to a shaker full of ice and shake well until ingredients get a grip and chill...Garnish with a wedge of sweet silence.

pic from


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Loving English...

So it seems the Fabulous Natalie McLean has listened to us...the people...and is now talking my kind of wine language...

I recently got a sneak peak of her ...
Wines for the Top 10 Tough-To-Buy-For People on Your Holiday List ...and I have to say...LOVE IT...
Well done Natalie...SO FUN and FABULOUS!


Natalie’s Top Ten Gift Wines for Your ...

1. Hairdresser: For the person who combines humour and optimism every time she styles your mop. Go for a light, gulpable wine like a dry rosé. It’s versatile and fuss-free—a great quaff for your coif.

2. Psychiatrist: Of course, he’ll analyze whatever you give him so choose a wine that’s all about balance. Easy-drinking pinot noir is medium-bodied yet packed with flav
our. Surprise him with a large-format bottle, like a magnum. Big thinking means big progress for you. This wine also works for psychologists, marriage counsellors and bartenders.

3. The Boss: Pick too pricey a wine and your boss will think your last raise was too much; go cheap, and she’ll think you lack judgement. Focus on a label with a lot of white space since that makes the bottle look more expensive. A castle in the distance also works, but avoid fluffy animals.

4. Personal Trainer: Think a muscular, robust red would work? Hold that position. Instead, try riesling: this light white wine pairs well with a health-nut diet of salad and seafood, plus it’s low in alcohol. You can also give it to Pilates instructors, yoga masters and Tai Chi coaches.

5. Financial Planner: You and he both know it’s going to take decades before your portfolio recovers after the crash of 2008. With that long-term view, vintage port makes the perfect gift. This fortified wine from northern Portugal, with its long aging potent
ial, will be around for both of you into your retirements.

6. Travel Agent: She’s been everywhere and seen everything, so go local with your choice of wine. Even better, if you live close to the winery, get the bottle signed by the winemaker.

7. Teacher: If you can’t find a suitably obscure wine with a Latin name, there’s always cream sherry. It’s the tipple of Oxford dons, not to mention the centerpiece of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story The Case of the Amontillado.

8. Mail Deliverer: Go for a winery that’s consistent year after year in producing a wine that can be enjoyed in snow, rain, sleet or hail. Try an Australian shiraz or Argentine malbec.

9. Mechanic: Yes, there’s a wine called Red Truck, but try to be more imaginative. Why not give a wine made by Mario Andretti in California or Ferrari in Italy?

10. Online Date: So you’re on your second or third rendezvous with the person you met on eHarmony or If you’re not sure yet whether marriage is a possibility, try something middle-of-the-road, like merlot. Yes, it’s the soft jazz of wine, but until you know, play it safe.

And after all that shopping, don’t forget yourself: even Santa’s little helpers need more than milk and cookies. Try something with high-alcohol like Italian Amarone or Rhone syrah: these big reds easily drown out tone-deaf c
arolling and pair beautifully with tired feet.

For Natalie’s favourite wineries, tasting notes and recipe matches for all the wine types mentioned above, please visit:

For iPod Touch or iPhone, visit iTunes:

For BlackBerry, visit App World:

For Droid, Nexus One, Nokia, Palm Pre and other smartphones:


Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Fave'Orite Things...

Oh there are too many to are a few FAB ideas for Hostess gifts when you attend all those Deevine Holiday Parties...or some fun little things you wanted Santa to give...YOU!

So Transparency is the new "It" word for Blogging...I can't be too transparent...far too many skeletons in my closet...but I will give it a whirl...

I wasn't paid shit to say any of this..How's that???

I would love to hear about your favourite things..leave me a comment and let me know what you love...


Where to find....


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Gift of Coffee...

So I got a Ding Dong at my door today...and it was all because of the Fabulous Maureen Turner (@moeturner) ... She had 3 New Tassimo's
( @TASSIMOCanada) to give away and she picked me... Now I had received one before but my lovely husbands fat fingers broke it... But we loved it and enjoyed it every morning...

So I was thrilled to receive a new one today...

However I know someone who REALLY REALLY REALLY wants a Tassimo and has not had the opportunity to try one...

So to the Fabulous Jenn Wallage... ( @mrswookiee) THIS IS FOR YOU !!!!

You know where I live...All I ask in return is 1 box of those FAB mint Girl Guide Cookies and that you hurry the hell up and come get it before I change my mind...please ;)

Thank you Maureen and Tassimo.... #bekind



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wine Weeview...numerous 2...

This weeks Wine Weeview is Red again...

I promise I will have a Chardonnay coming for the next one as per Sharon's request...

This week I have learned a few new "Wine Words" ... I was asked about the "LENGTH" of the wine I was Weeviewing... huh? So I looked it up...

Length - The persistence of flavour on the palate. The longer it remains with you the finer the wine.

Hmmm...Length to me is more about how long the bottle lasts... So quite frankly...It's NEVER LONG ENOUGH...

750 mL bottle

Price: $ 9.95
Wine, Red Wine
12.0% Alcohol/Vol.

Sugar Content : 1

Made in: South Australia
By: Australian Vintage Ltd.


This wine is....EMPTY!!!
....2 Well Manicured Thumbs Up!
It has mild side affects that included- slightly foggied vision the following morning and mild head trauma...that I will blame more on a lack of sleep, rather than too much vino...

Thank to the Fab Cherie-Lynn ( @CLBuchananPhoto) for introducing me to said Vino in question...



Monday, November 8, 2010

HEELing Hunger

So as many of you know...I love Shoes...So I have joined forces with SuzieSwapper and together ...we are HEELing Hunger...


To participate, we are asking that you upload a photo of your gently worn shoes and contribute a min of $9 per pair to our shoe swapFUNDRAISER. In return you get to help feed local food banks, feel good & get a Fabulous pair of shoes in return!!! How To do this:

1.Join our HEELING hunger Facebook page & website to get the latest info and view all the available shoes.
2. Upload photos of your preloved shoes onto our page. We accept Men's/Womens shoes/boots... No children's shoes please.
3. Go to the heeling hunger website & click on the paypal link to donate. Please note: You can upload/donate as many pairs as you like but for each pair we ask for a $9min donation and in return, you get to pick a Fabulous pair off our FB page. There's THE SWAP!
4. Check back daily on our FB page(and invite your pals to join too) as we hope to add more shoes regularly.
5. Once we receive confirmation of your donation (and thanks btw!) we will notify you. Now the fun begins:
6. Start swapping! Browse the site often - BUT - once you find a pair you like call Stampys, No erasy as soon as possible!! Or simply write a request in the comment box below the shoes asking for them. This is a first come first served swap!!
7. At that point, we will help you coordinate shipping arrangements, if necessary. (please note that if shipping is necessary, the avg. cost to ship domestically is approx. $9/box)
8. Once we hit our first round goal ($250) we will start all over again !!

Nitty Gritty or FAQ

Ew, gross.. you can have my shoes but I don't want yours - Can I donate shoes just because I want to, without reciving a pair in return?
Yes, absolutely. But keep in mind, the rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't give them to your boss, this may not be the best place for them either. We don't want anything to tired, worn or aged please.

What information about the shoes do you need?
We need to know the size, if they are men's/womens (not as obvious as you may think) and we need to know if these shoes have ever participated in illegal operations. That's it.

I have the coolest pair of crocs & Birks what do I do with them?
Throw them away. Immediately. No offense, but unless they are new with tags, sandals, flipflops, birkenstocks & crocs are not appropriate. Thanks anyway!

Why $9?
Because seriously, where on earth can you get a pair of shoes for $9. Oh, and both Cocktail Deeva & Suzieswapper wear a size 9. We are subliminally encouraging you to post ALL of your size 9 shoes.

Why don't you accept children's shoes?
Because it turns out, Cocktail Deeva likes to frame her kids shoes and Suzieswappers likes to incinerate her kids shoes. However, there are tons of amazing charities, more than happy to take them. Let me know if you need a hand finding one in your area, it would be my pleasure.


Saturday, November 6, 2010


So this week has been a flood of inspiration...with things like "Suck Less" and " #BeKind" whirling around my social media circle, it's hard not to feel like you can change the world...

Here is my #BeKind...

Mad Love to Sharon Devills (@sharonDV) , be sure to check out her Fabulous Kindness Revolution post... Candice ( @seemummyjuggle) and Maureen Turner (@moeturner) .... For inspiring me...and I'm not shittin about the shoe thing...

Go forth, be FABULOUS, #BeKind and Suck Less...

And as my Fabulous friend Tricia (@mumby) always says.... Tell Your Friends...



Thursday, November 4, 2010

Talkies & Drinkies....

So last week, just like so many I headed out to Blissdom Canada for their first Talkie North of the boarder. It was also my first Social Media Talkie...
( Talkie = Conference)...

As s former member of the sales & marketing world, I have attended enough Talkies to choke a horse...My former employers Coke & Mars loved to hoard all their employees into a dull, badly decorated hotel ball room and melt our minds with powerpoint after powerpoint. Feed us stale sandwiches and force us to be inspired. The when we were good and numb we'd roll into a local pub for the Drinkies, and that's when the real work would begin.

So these events for me are broken down into two sections...Talkies & Drinkies... I know, I know...I am linguistically gifted...

So on my way down to Blissdom my fabulous travel mate Tricia ( @mumby) kept correcting me on the Talkies and informing me they are called Sessions... By Friday night she was throwing the word Talkies around like her wig...1 to take over the world...

As this was my first Social Media Talkie experience I was not quite sure what to expect, there was an "Agenda" afterall...I had been to a day Talkie the week before and was
seriously disappointed, UN-inspired and frankly...pissed off when I left...Was this going to be the same thing for a WHOLE 3 days ??? Oh pass the Drinkies...

I missed the talkies on the Thursday as I was getting ready to rock it old school style at MabelBliss with the fab gang from Mabels Labels (@mabelhood) ...I heard the Talkies were great...but I KNOW the Drinkies were Deevine...

So on Friday morning I stumbled into a Talkie, no clue what is what about...But this Eric Alper guy
( @ThatEricAlper) was a presenter and I had seen him on Twitter and heard he was a dude and worth a listen...So I did...I mean I DID..I actually listened...and paid attention, and understood stuff. All of a sudden there was a tingly feeling in my special place...Was this the feeling of INSPIRATION ?? YES...I was enjoying a Talkie...The other Talkers ( or as Mumby calls them, Panelists)
were also Fabulous.. Catherine Connors
( @herbadmother), Janice Croze
( @5minutesformom)..she talks REALLY fast so stay alert! Barbara Jones ( @barbarajones) a.k.a. Grand Master Flash a'la Swiss Miss ... and Duri Alajrami ( @duriajrami)...not sure what he was really saying...I was mesmerized by the sultry sounds of is voice...

Now the only negative about these Talkies ...Are the CLICKERS ... I had never really seen anything like it. People were face deep into their laptops typing every
last word the Talkers were saying. It was like their fingers were dipped magic typing dust and they couldn't stop...Every last word had to be transcribed to Twitter or posted to a blog IMMEDIATELY! ...I HAVE TO BE THE FIRST TO TELL THE WORLD!!!...Yes...this was annoying as shit...It wasn't just the clicking and clacking that annoyed me. I felt a li
ttle sad that even tho they were catching every word in print, there faces were glued to their monitors and they were actually missing "It"...The "It" being the real connection to the Talker, their fabulous energy coming through in those words...That is where the real Inspiration lies...

So go ahead Clickers leave your comments...It's all about "Transparency"... (see ...I was paying attention..)

As the day was wrapping up the conversation turned to the Drinkies...There was a party that night, a costume and Karaoke party in the poorly decorated hotel ball room...And the Fabulous ladies of Blissdom Canada rock'ed it out OLD SCHOOL STYLE...It was such a fun and fierce night. Everyone dressed in their Halloween best and was there to enjoy the moment. It was a Deevine Drinkie!

HUGE Cheers to all the Fabulous women I had the pleasure of chatting, drinking and Rockin were all the best Inspiration...

I have a theory when it comes to Talkies and Events in Social Media... Especially those chatted about on twitter...

They are like SEX...

Some are BAD sex, there is lot's of hype and hashtags leading up to them (foreplay) , A decent but not record breaking amount during ( bad sex part) and as soon as the event is over...there is none. Not a hash tag to be found... ( no cuddling). Immediately the attention is turned onto the next upcoming event.

Some are GOOD sex, lot's of hashtag hype before hand, streams and streams of hashtags during, possibly even trending!! ( blow your mind, toe curling sex) ... The tons of hashtag love after...( cuddling, cooing and spooning)

Dear Blissdom are getting cuddle to death...You were a FABULOUS lay...Well Done!



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Take Your Kids to Work Day...I heart my kid...

I asked my daughter who is soon going to be 14 to write a blog post for her "work" today...since she was spending the day with me...I gave her no guide lines and discussed nothing with her...When I made it to the bottom of the post I nearly fell off my chair...Anyone who was at Blissdom Canada this week may just do the same. I have no clue how my Fabulous daughter knows so much about what I am attempting to do. We really don't chat about it..I grilled her after reading this, asking her if she googled me or copied some key words from another post..."Nope" she said..."It's just what your doing..."

Dear Blissdom Canada..I think I may have found you a new speaker for next year...Like me she works for shoes...

I love my Daughter..xx/oo

November 3, 2010 - Take Our Kids to Work Day

Today NINERS all across the province will get the opportunity to go to work with their parents. To some this may be fun and inspiring if your dad is a video game designer, to others this may be MAD boring if your mom is a lawyer. Whether you want to be a doctor or a ho-bo like me, this day will let you experience the workplace in one way or another. I am a niner and today I am writing a post for my mom’s blog. Many of my friends would rather stick a fork in their eye than write a 500 word post, but

I enjoy writing….sometimes. Writing something like this is way funner than school because it’s not getting marked or added to mid-terms. For example if I used t

he word FUNNER in an essay, 5% would probably be knocked off my mark, just like that. But hey, there’s high school for you. (OMG I started a sentence with the word BUT!!!!) Speaking of high school, I live about 9 km from my high school, and I can HEAR the sighs of relief from the grade 10’s. 11’s and 12’s. A WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL WITHOUT NINERS! No klutzy little 13 year olds walking on the WRONG side of the hall, or blocking the staircase. No annoying little brats, taking up seats on the city bus, talking about how much they ADORE high school and uniforms. But I gotta stick with my fellow niners and say that I would rather spend the day at work with the Cocktail Deeva then go to school for an extra 6 hours. Plus writing a 500 word blog is a lot more fun than what other kids are doing right now. Filing paperwork or talking to people on the phone all day does not sound like a lot of fun. My mom a.k.a Author Dee Brun a.k.a The Cocktail Deeva has the most interesting job I know. Most authors work on page after page on

their next book; after a while I would get sick of looking at a million words being typed across a screen. The Cocktail Deeva is no ordinary author; while still riding the wave of her first book, she has created a brand and used it to create a whole world all behind one book. She has made a statement on the world of social networking and writing numerous blogs about her, her beliefs, her book and her love for shoes. Her book was her way of introducing what she’s all about, now she’s built on the idea creating the fun filled “Cocktail Deeva”. So when people say “Hey isn’t your mom an author?” My response is “Yes. You could say that…” This is why on the only “TAKE OUR KIDS TO WORK DAY” I will ever experience, I chose to stay home with my mom and write a post for one of her blogs. Now my work is done for the day…



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wine Weeview...

This is ..MY 1st WINE WEEVIEW......

So excited to now be doing some fun Wine Weeviews...

But before we go any further I need to have a disclaimer... I Know nothing about Wine...Use my opinion at own risk...please read and drink responsibly.... here is the Lucky First Wine...

750 mL bottle Price: $ 8.40
Made in: Serbia
My Weeview -

This wine tastes like ASS...

Cheers be sure to join me next time...


Friday, October 22, 2010

I Can't Drink That...

So we all have certain Libations that we can do longer drink for one reason or another...

I have many...Tequila - many Mexican Vacations... Southern Comfort - thinking I was Janice Joplin in university...Rye- cus it's rye...Lemon Gin- thanks to a roof top in Paris and a boy named Jean-Luc...oh I could go on...My list reads like a chapter from War and Peace...

I think we all have a favourite..."Oh I can't drink that because"...this one time at band camp...

Here's one of mine and I hope you share yours with me....

I can't drink Peach Schnapps because... I lost my Virginity to a boy named Jason with the help of the good Dr McGillicuddy....

Sex on the Guest room Floor...

1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Peach Schnapps
2 ounces White Cranberry juice
2 ounces Orange Juice

Shake all ingredients well with ice and serve in a tall glass of ice...



Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hpnotiq has come out with these 3 FABULOUS cocktails for your Halloween festivities..So Deevine and so Fabulous to make...Sure to wow your party goers...

Vampire Bite

2 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz Vanilla Vodka
Strawberry syrup for blood lines
Red sugar rim

Shake with ice and serve in a Martini Glass.

Mad Eye

1 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Lychee Juice

To make the eye fill a Lychee with jam and a blueberry...ick..but cool

Witches Brew

1 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz Pama Liqueur
1/2 oz lime juice
1/2 oz simple syrup

Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass or small fish bowl, garnish with a misty stick.

Happy Halloween...



Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm NOT Gonna Feel Bad...

So if you have been on twitter in the past few days, you have seen all the BUZZ about the Toronto She is Connected Conference...

If you've not seen the buzz...well just scroll down to the recipe...

I found out about the conference through a Fabulous friend of mine this past Thursday. I went online, researched the event and thought it sounded like something I would take the day off of work for ( stay at home mom of 4). Who's kidding who...I would take the day off work to park cars if it meant getting a break...

So cut the BULLSHIT!! It sounded like an AMAZING event, with FAB swag, great sponsors and a room full of AMAZING women...Who the hell wouldn't want to go...

So I applied, and I got invited...AND I AM TOTALLY FUCKING STOKED!
There I said..out loud..well in black and white...but if you want to hear me say it, just call...

So now there is a whole bunch of Fabulous women..tweeting and twirping about NOT-being connected and NOT-getting an invite. Some even saying that they "must not be good enough to go"...or "it's WHO you know, not how your connected"...Come on..REALLY?

I have a lot of pet peeves..shit pisses me off easily..But one of my biggest is when Women shit on other Women...or Shit on themselves...Drives me nuts...and Yes..I am saying Shit a lot!

I didn't beg to go to this conference, I don't know any of the women running it, I'm not connected to the heir of the Caramilk Secret. I am a stay at home mom from Kitchener Ontario who works her ass off at what she does...and I'll be damned if anyone is going to make me feel bad for getting to do something cool...!

Yes I wish that every Fabulous woman I know got to go, who wouldn' a perfect world. Because all Fabulous women deserve to experience something cool...

When my girls went off to BlogHer and I stayed home cleaning shit out of my shag carpet...I told them all I was a Fabulous shade of Green with Envy, to have an amazing time, take tons of pictures and TWEET THE SHIT OUT OF IT!! So I could feel like I was there...

When some of my ladies jetted off to NYC for Disney's big announcement or Nate's show...same deal...KEEP ME POSTED!! CONGRATS YOU DESERVE IT!! ENJOY EVERY LAST MOMENT!

These are all things that should be said to your women friends or your twitter friends...Why is it so hard to be genuinely happy for others? Too enjoy others successes as well as your own?

I personally think I chat with some of the best people on Twitter...and to all of you who showed me some luv about the invite and about shakin it up at #mabelbliss and Blissdom...THANK YOU..I have worked really hard and I AM proud of myself...

So I am standing up in my Fabulous heels and shouting it from the roof top of George Clooney's House....



She's Connected Cosmo...

2 oz Hpnotiq
1/2 oz Chambord
3 oz White cranberry Juice

Shake all ingredients well with ice. Strain into a
Martini glass and garnish with fresh fruit and a kind word.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It Gets Better...

I'M NOT GAY...but I know gay people...

These gay people that I know...are some of the most amazing friends a person could have and I am truly blessed that they are a part of my life. So to imagine them being harassed or tormented in anyway, makes me sick to my stomach.

I'M A HUMAN BEING...and I am a mother of 4 fabulous children. It's my mission in life to make sure they grow up happy, healthy, confident, fierce, fair, honest, kind, tolerant and giving. It is out of my hands whether they grow up straight or gay.

I'M A SURVIVOR...14 years ago, on a snowy, cold February day, my beautiful older brother MARC BRUN committed suicide. He was 26 years old and he was my joy.

Marc wasn't gay, but he was tormented by something non of us understood, much like these young adults who take their own lives so tragically. Imagine having to live in secret, misunderstood. Feeling trapped because society says it's not a crime to call people names like Fag, Queer, Fruit or Sissy. Afraid to just your life.

As HUMAN BEINGS we are supposed to be the top of the intelligence food chain. So why are we the only species that purposely berate, ridicule & diminish one anther's existence. We are HUMANS yet we treat each other worse than animals.

I don't "know" gay, I will never understand what it's like a be so afraid and carry that kind of secret around.

But I "know" loss .........

Being kind can save lives.

- It Get's Better -



So if your 1 of the 2 people, besides my mom, who read my blog. You will know there are few things that I love more than Vodka...It's not that I love drinking it all the time, if that was the case I might be writing this from a tiny room with Lindsay Lohan as my room mate. I love mixing it... and experiment with it...and seeing just how FABULOUS I can get it to taste (just a sip).

So that is why this post is all about my DREAM JOB, well other than being George Clooney's Black Berry...Just imagine how many times he pushes those buttons...I digress....

Belvedere Vodka has
launched a search for the World’s Greatest Vodka Ambassador with “A Bartender’s Dream Job". One lucky bartender can win a $100,000 contract working directly with the brand.

They will get to travel around the world and teach people how to make FABULOUS cocktails with Belvedere Vodka and how to be, like moi...a VODKA LOVER.

You don't have to be a bartender to win this DEEVINE gig...You just have to be... like moi...A VODKA LOVER!

Bartenders and vodka enthusiasts are encouraged to show the world their creativity and talent by uploading video submissions to
Don't be something with the 3 F's...Fun, Fearless and FABULOUS...

If you post a video please leave in a link in the comments...I would love to see it!!




Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheers to the BAD GUY...

I am very lucky that I get to meet a lot of Fabulous people doing what I do...and quite often the first thing out of their mouths is..
"Oh my God you look like Heidi Klum!!" ...

Ok that's what I hear in my head...the therapy is helping...

What I usually get told is this..."I love reading what you write, you say things I only wish I could say out loud." My response is always a huge Thank You because I am shocked that people actually read it. Then I proceed to tell them to try and start saying those things out loud. It makes you feel better... I go again....

I am now stating for the record, that my Children's "Happiness" is NOT my number one priority in Life !!!

Ha! that feels good I am going to say it again...!!!!!!!!!

I am now stating for
the record, that my Children's "Happiness" is NOT my number one priority

in Life !!!

So now I better clarify my
statement before the "Oh she's just a selfish bitch" Police come and get me...So I have decided to come clean and make a list of all the things I do that do not make my kids HAPPY.

1) Forcing my kids to sit at the table and do homework after school, so they can one day earn a decent living. So does not make them HAPPY.

2) I have the nerve to make my 14 & 12 year old do their own
laundry, so they too can one day survive in the wild. This SO does not make them HAPPY.

3) Sending them to bed at a decent hour and not letting them watch sex and violence on TV till the wee hours, so they can function
like humans the next day...Is soo not HAPPY worthy.

4) I have the audacity to make them look people in the eye when they are talking to them and hold doors, say Thank You and your welcome...I AM A MONSTER
! and they are so not HAPPY.

5) I force my 12 yr old son to shower every 2nd day, wear his pants around his waste and brush his teeth, so people can actua
lly stand within a 5 mile radius of him. No HAPPY here.

I have very simple goals in life...Keep my sons out of jail and my daughters off the pole.

I am not raising BFF's ...I'm raising my children, and trying to make them good Human Beings.

So in a nut shell...I AM THE BAD GUY ...and
I'm ok with that.

It used to bother me that dad was always the fun guy and I got to hand out shit sandwiches. But over the last year or so I came to the realization that it's my GOAL for the children that matters...not my
reputation as THE ENFORCER !!!

So I enjoy the happy fun carefree moments with them to the fullest, Because I know I am going to be the FUN SUCKER that has to tell them..."Play Times Over !

So to all the "Bad Guys" out there...Cheers to you! It will all be worth in the end...When your kids the one that...Can read, says thank you and doesn't
stink !

Bad Guy Bellini
1 ounce Hpnotiq
1 ounce Raspberry Vodka
3 ounces Lemonade

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.
Garnish with some fresh fruit & a sense of a job well done...

P.S. Don't ever let anyone make you second guess a decision you make in your child's life. Go with your gut...


Thursday, September 23, 2010


National Vodka Day is October 4th...


If you know me you know I feel that every day is Vodka day..

But on this day we are going to do something special...We are going to have a Social Media Cocktail Making Party!!!

On Tuesday October 4th at 8:30 pm...I am going to take to Face Book & Twitter and we are going to make a
FABULOUS...VODKA..Fall inspired Cocktail...

This is to celebrate the nectar of the Gods VODKA ...and also to kick off #DNI = Deeva's Night In.. where we will celebrate on the 1st Wednesday of every month and make a FABULOUS cocktail together through the glorious magic that is Social Media.

I hope you join me..and maybe, just maybe I can help you become a Cocktail'ista...or Cocktail'ister .. for the dudes...Regardless what happens..I know we will have one hell of a fun time trying !!!
Here's the shopping list for the 1st Cocktail...

Deevine Apple Cider Martini...

1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Vanilla Liqueur
3 ounces Apple Cider
Cinnamon sugar
Brown Sugar
1 Apple - red or green

If you can't find Vanilla Liq- no worries, just have some Vanilla extract on hand and we can make it work...Also I use Red Path pre-maid cinnamon sugar. It has the perfect blend and is nice and fine...

If you have any questions about these ingredients please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer...

Looking forward to it..



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drop it Like it's HOT!

So I have never been a big fan of the classic Lemon Drop Cocktail...A few years back I was asked to design one and spent weeks with my lips puckered trying to find a combination I actually enjoyed...I blame all those little lines around my lips on this gig...

So yesterday I was asked by some FABULOUS women if I could share a good Lemon drop recipe...

This is my version of a Lemon Drop...Cheers

The Deeva Drop...

2 ounces Vanilla Vodka
raw sugar
4 fresh lemons

Take 1 tsp of raw sugar and muddle with Vanilla Vodka.
Squeeze the juice from the lemons into a shaker full of ice and add the Vodka sugar mixture.

Shake REALLY well, give both arms a try, this qualifies as an upper body workout so you can skip the gym.

Rim your glass with the raw sugar and serve your cocktail on or off the rocks. Garnish with some lemon zest.

If you can't find Vanilla Vodka use 1 ounce of regular Vodka and 1 ounce of Vanilla Liqueur. The Vanilla gives the cocktail a nice smoothness.

Hope you enjoy sure to take a pic and let me know how you enjoyed it.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheers to The Fabulous Fall Home Show

IT'S A REALLY BIG SHOOOOWWWW....................

This is my second year doing the Toronto Fall Home
Show , I adore this show and always get excited but this year is extra special for me...Because I get to share it with FABULOUS friends...

My wonderful friend Tina
( @tinalovespinot) is the Fabulous'ness behind the Fall Home Show
( @HomeshowsTO )... and together we have come up with such an Amazing night for you!!!

We will be giving away loads of tickets to the show, so stay tuned for all the Deevine
So here's where the sharing part comes in...Mark your calendars!! Because....

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! ( sung a'la Dream Girls)

Friday October 1st - 2:30 pm

Myself and
The Supreme Diva Lisa a.k.a. @PARTYMUMMY ...will
be Mixing it up on the celebrity stage at The Toronto Fall Home Show... That's right you heard it here first! Breaking news...this is an event NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

And if this wasn't enough...I am so thrilled to announce that the Deelishes Sarah a.k.a. @LOVELAUGHSHOP ... a.k.a... Wall Candy Mummy from The Yummy Mummy Club ...will be interviewing the CRAZY FABULOUS design team of Colin & Justin who will be appearing LIVE at the Fall Home Show!!! SO EXCITED!!!

I will also have the Fabulous pleasure of giving
away someAmazing Gifts from Hamilton Beach during all of my stage appearances at the show...All you have to do to enter is bring a picture of my Boy all should know who that is..;)

For more details be sure to check out the EVENTS page on my website or The Fall Home Show Site...

THERE'S MORE!! SAVE NOW...I have an amazing savings code - cocktail- of course...Buy you tickets on line & enter this code to save $4!!! Or just click here ........


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking With Hero's

So it's not finished yet but I just had to share a little of the FABULOUSNESS I experienced this weekend... CANCER SUCKS!!! But these Amazing people do not..........................

Be sure to turn your sound on..Cheers


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY Deeva- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF!

So I don't JUST do Cocktails...but I like to celebrate everything that I do a Cocktail..

So here is my DIY- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF...

I was inspired by my friend Sarah who is the Wall Candy Mummy blogger in the Yummy Mummy Club.
She took something old and ugly and made it fresh and fabulous in a snap...Oh how I wish it was that easy to do to my face...boobs and ass...;) oh and let's not forget underarm waddle...

So I looked around my house ( by passing all mirrors) to find
something old and ugly and tripped over my two sofa pillows. These poor things had taken a beating from the kids and were ugly and starting to fray.

So I decided to make them my DIY and give them a new life.

What you will need for this project...

- Fabulous material - amount depends on quantity and size of pillows
- needle and thread ..(i'm old sewing machine)
- scissors
- bandaids (because I am old school and have no sewing machine)
- Vodka ( merely used as a disinfectant for all the finger pricks)

So I crudely cut out a swatch of fabric a tad larger than the pillow, turned it inside out and began to sew...Now it's not pretty, in fact I am sure Stevie Wonder could of done a better job. But I figure all the mistakes will be hidden when I turn it right side in..right?

And...I was right... they turned out FABULOUS!!

Here is the pillows sad look and home BEFORE....

And now...Their Lush and Deevine new look and Home...

So was it all worth it..the time..the blood loss...the cursing...the cost!! ???

Hell Yes...The Deeva also loves a good deal and I got this Fabulous Fabric for a SO
NG! It was already on sale for $14.98 a yard, a bargain in itself. But was also on the BUY 1 get 2 FREE table...SWEET STRAWBERRY PRESERVES IT CAN'T BE TRUE!!! .....

It was and it took me about a yard to do 2 pillows...for a total cost of....

So with every job well done...we must celebrate with a Fantastic Libation...Cheers

DIY DAIQUIRI...with a splash of Martha Stewart...

1/2 cup frozen peaches
1 dash vanilla extrac
juice from 1 fresh lime
1 tbsp superfine sugar
1 1/2 oz Vodka (or rum)
1 cup crushed ice
1 oz peach schnapps
2 ounces white grape juice

Combine the peaches, lime juice, rum, schnapps, brandy, vanilla, and sugar in the blender until smooth. Add the ice with the blender running and process until smooth. Serve in a LARGE chilled cocktail glasses.