Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cheers to the BAD GUY...

I am very lucky that I get to meet a lot of Fabulous people doing what I do...and quite often the first thing out of their mouths is..
"Oh my God you look like Heidi Klum!!" ...

Ok that's what I hear in my head...the therapy is helping...

What I usually get told is this..."I love reading what you write, you say things I only wish I could say out loud." My response is always a huge Thank You because I am shocked that people actually read it. Then I proceed to tell them to try and start saying those things out loud. It makes you feel better... I go again....

I am now stating for the record, that my Children's "Happiness" is NOT my number one priority in Life !!!

Ha! that feels good I am going to say it again...!!!!!!!!!

I am now stating for
the record, that my Children's "Happiness" is NOT my number one priority

in Life !!!

So now I better clarify my
statement before the "Oh she's just a selfish bitch" Police come and get me...So I have decided to come clean and make a list of all the things I do that do not make my kids HAPPY.

1) Forcing my kids to sit at the table and do homework after school, so they can one day earn a decent living. So does not make them HAPPY.

2) I have the nerve to make my 14 & 12 year old do their own
laundry, so they too can one day survive in the wild. This SO does not make them HAPPY.

3) Sending them to bed at a decent hour and not letting them watch sex and violence on TV till the wee hours, so they can function
like humans the next day...Is soo not HAPPY worthy.

4) I have the audacity to make them look people in the eye when they are talking to them and hold doors, say Thank You and your welcome...I AM A MONSTER
! and they are so not HAPPY.

5) I force my 12 yr old son to shower every 2nd day, wear his pants around his waste and brush his teeth, so people can actua
lly stand within a 5 mile radius of him. No HAPPY here.

I have very simple goals in life...Keep my sons out of jail and my daughters off the pole.

I am not raising BFF's ...I'm raising my children, and trying to make them good Human Beings.

So in a nut shell...I AM THE BAD GUY ...and
I'm ok with that.

It used to bother me that dad was always the fun guy and I got to hand out shit sandwiches. But over the last year or so I came to the realization that it's my GOAL for the children that matters...not my
reputation as THE ENFORCER !!!

So I enjoy the happy fun carefree moments with them to the fullest, Because I know I am going to be the FUN SUCKER that has to tell them..."Play Times Over !

So to all the "Bad Guys" out there...Cheers to you! It will all be worth in the end...When your kids the one that...Can read, says thank you and doesn't
stink !

Bad Guy Bellini
1 ounce Hpnotiq
1 ounce Raspberry Vodka
3 ounces Lemonade

Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth.
Garnish with some fresh fruit & a sense of a job well done...

P.S. Don't ever let anyone make you second guess a decision you make in your child's life. Go with your gut...


Thursday, September 23, 2010


National Vodka Day is October 4th...


If you know me you know I feel that every day is Vodka day..

But on this day we are going to do something special...We are going to have a Social Media Cocktail Making Party!!!

On Tuesday October 4th at 8:30 pm...I am going to take to Face Book & Twitter and we are going to make a
FABULOUS...VODKA..Fall inspired Cocktail...

This is to celebrate the nectar of the Gods VODKA ...and also to kick off #DNI = Deeva's Night In.. where we will celebrate on the 1st Wednesday of every month and make a FABULOUS cocktail together through the glorious magic that is Social Media.

I hope you join me..and maybe, just maybe I can help you become a Cocktail'ista...or Cocktail'ister .. for the dudes...Regardless what happens..I know we will have one hell of a fun time trying !!!
Here's the shopping list for the 1st Cocktail...

Deevine Apple Cider Martini...

1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Vanilla Liqueur
3 ounces Apple Cider
Cinnamon sugar
Brown Sugar
1 Apple - red or green

If you can't find Vanilla Liq- no worries, just have some Vanilla extract on hand and we can make it work...Also I use Red Path pre-maid cinnamon sugar. It has the perfect blend and is nice and fine...

If you have any questions about these ingredients please leave a comment and I will be sure to answer...

Looking forward to it..



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Drop it Like it's HOT!

So I have never been a big fan of the classic Lemon Drop Cocktail...A few years back I was asked to design one and spent weeks with my lips puckered trying to find a combination I actually enjoyed...I blame all those little lines around my lips on this gig...

So yesterday I was asked by some FABULOUS women if I could share a good Lemon drop recipe...

This is my version of a Lemon Drop...Cheers

The Deeva Drop...

2 ounces Vanilla Vodka
raw sugar
4 fresh lemons

Take 1 tsp of raw sugar and muddle with Vanilla Vodka.
Squeeze the juice from the lemons into a shaker full of ice and add the Vodka sugar mixture.

Shake REALLY well, give both arms a try, this qualifies as an upper body workout so you can skip the gym.

Rim your glass with the raw sugar and serve your cocktail on or off the rocks. Garnish with some lemon zest.

If you can't find Vanilla Vodka use 1 ounce of regular Vodka and 1 ounce of Vanilla Liqueur. The Vanilla gives the cocktail a nice smoothness.

Hope you enjoy sure to take a pic and let me know how you enjoyed it.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cheers to The Fabulous Fall Home Show

IT'S A REALLY BIG SHOOOOWWWW....................

This is my second year doing the Toronto Fall Home
Show , I adore this show and always get excited but this year is extra special for me...Because I get to share it with FABULOUS friends...

My wonderful friend Tina
( @tinalovespinot) is the Fabulous'ness behind the Fall Home Show
( @HomeshowsTO )... and together we have come up with such an Amazing night for you!!!

We will be giving away loads of tickets to the show, so stay tuned for all the Deevine
So here's where the sharing part comes in...Mark your calendars!! Because....

FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! ( sung a'la Dream Girls)

Friday October 1st - 2:30 pm

Myself and
The Supreme Diva Lisa a.k.a. @PARTYMUMMY ...will
be Mixing it up on the celebrity stage at The Toronto Fall Home Show... That's right you heard it here first! Breaking news...this is an event NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

And if this wasn't enough...I am so thrilled to announce that the Deelishes Sarah a.k.a. @LOVELAUGHSHOP ... a.k.a... Wall Candy Mummy from The Yummy Mummy Club ...will be interviewing the CRAZY FABULOUS design team of Colin & Justin who will be appearing LIVE at the Fall Home Show!!! SO EXCITED!!!

I will also have the Fabulous pleasure of giving
away someAmazing Gifts from Hamilton Beach during all of my stage appearances at the show...All you have to do to enter is bring a picture of my Boy all should know who that is..;)

For more details be sure to check out the EVENTS page on my website or The Fall Home Show Site...

THERE'S MORE!! SAVE NOW...I have an amazing savings code - cocktail- of course...Buy you tickets on line & enter this code to save $4!!! Or just click here ........


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking With Hero's

So it's not finished yet but I just had to share a little of the FABULOUSNESS I experienced this weekend... CANCER SUCKS!!! But these Amazing people do not..........................

Be sure to turn your sound on..Cheers