Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brunch Libations...

Tis the season of Brunching...going out or having friends over...

Here are a few of my faves for the occasion...or any occasion for that matter...

You can find the Non-Alcoholic for these and more here...

Raspberry Splash...

1.5 ounces Vodka or Rum
1 tsp fresh lime juice
4 ounces raspberry juice
1 oz Lemon Lime Soda

Add vodka/rum, lime and raspberry juice to a shake full of ice, shake well and strain into a large glass filled with ice. Top with soda and garnish with some fresh raspberries, rosemary and a lime zest.

Ginger Blue

1.5 ounces Gin
1 tsp fresh lime juice
4/5 ounces of Ginger Beer
fresh blueberries

Add gin, lime juice and blueberries to a shake full of ice. You can muddle the blueberries first if desired. Shake well and strain into a tall glass of ice then top with Ginger Beer. Garnish with some Lime wheels and blueberries.

Let's Do Brunch Caesar

2 ounces Vodka
1/2 tsp Chipotle Hot Sauce
squeeze fresh lemon
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
lemon lime pepper for rim

Rim a large glass with lemon pepper salt and fill with ice. Add all ingredients stir well and garnish with a hot pepper.


Friday, April 15, 2011

There's no MOM In WOMAN...

A very interesting convo popped on Twitter's such a cool thing when that happens...

It all started with this....
Then I responded with this...

And boy did it go from there...there were some great Mom'ism floating these...
This was one of my Fave true...

Lots of fab convo went on in between but you get the just of it. Adding "MOM" to normal words to make them cutesie is not endearing.

Mommy Blogger and MomPreneur are too words that make me cringe...even more than Epic & Awesome Sauce...I know you can feel that!

We don't call Donal Trump a DADpreneur and why the hell can't we just say BLOGGER...

I have gotten more than one tongue lashing for making this statement around my friends that are mothers...But I stand by it 100% ...

I am and always will be a WOMAN first !

The reason I say this is not because being a Mother means any less to me... for sure it doesn't.
But if I lose...Dee Brun The Woman...then what kind of Mother can I be???
Is it not important to teach and show our children, especially our daughters who WE really are, as a person, not just 3 letters...M.O.M or D.A.D

I am in the process right now of trying to teach my two toddlers my first name...because I have one.
Not sure about you but no where on my birth certificate do I see the word Mom...

I am thankful everyday that I have the blessing of being a is truly a gift. In the same breath I am so grateful that I know exactly...after many years, fears and tears...who Dee Brun is, and I like do my children.

To all the FABULOUS Women who Blog...and happen to be Mothers...
To all the FABULOUS Women who are Entrepreneurs...and happen to be Mothers...

CHEERS TO YOU!! ...and the name on your birth certificate!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

F#$& You Very Very Much...

I read a post today that made me think a little...just a little, I don't want to sprain something.
It was a post about kids wearing Pink to school to bring awareness to
Bullying... The post was by the fab Emma Waverman it is called "Is your Son wearing pink"...she also added a fab Flash Mob video done by some students...and who doesn't love a great flash mob...they always make me cry...

Her post didn't make me think about kids, I have 104 of my own, they are on my brain enough. It made me think about, and other adults that I know or meet in my life.

Am I a bully? are they?
Then it turned into a real deep think tank sort of thought, my brain is sore from all that pondering I had to rub wine on it...

How much of what we tell and teach our kids do we practice ourselves...???
I was like an AHAA moment... Or as I like to call it a Cabernet moment.

So I made a list...I love lists...All the things we tell our kids that are supposed to "make" them good people...Most of the kids I know do quite well on this list. Adults I have KNOWN or meet, not so much.

1- Do not lie- honestly, I don't even have to expand on this one.

2- Don't take things for granted- I am guilty of this, I really try not to be. But I catch myself complaining about the silliest things and then give my head a shake. I have taken things and people for granted...this is not a thing to be proud of, but something we all need to be honest about.

3- Be nice to people-
Sounds easy enough...Be nice, be kind, treat people the way you want to be treated. So why is it sometimes so hard. I am going to pull out my bedazzled soap box on this one and have a rant...I see this happen all the time, on FaceBook , Twitter and I am going to "generalize" by saying so many times it's Women. Doing the very thing we preach to our kids not to do. Don't bully, don't hate, don't be mean and cruel to others. If you know me, you know that I am always preaching WOMEN LOVE...not Rosie O'Donnell women love. I am talking about standing up for and behind women. Those you know and those you have yet to meet. There is no greater feeling than the feeling of being supported by your peers. As is there no more biting feeling as being ripped apart in a nano second by a so called friend or stranger for just being you.
***pushing my soap box away***

4- Mind your manners-
Again this pretty much explains itself. My 12 year old son would stand at the door of a mall for 2 hours if it meant not letting the door close on a perfect stranger. If someone holds the door for him, he show his appreciation with a solid Thank You...Count on one hand the last time an Adult did this for you...

5- Respect your elders-
Well just the term respect seems to get lost. I am witness on a daily basis to people or events where someone has shown little or no respect for another human being.
This saddens me greatly.

So what's the deal...Are we now a society of "Do as I sayers...not as I Do'ers?" ...
Ah hell who knows...all I know is that's it's worth a
try...A try to do better.

So to all of you I leave a fab Cocktail recipe of course...and to all the Haters I had the not so pleasure of witnessing a while back over
Boob Fest...I leave you one of my favorite songs from the divine Lily Allen...please take the time & listen to the song...the lyrics can teach us all something...


Do as I Do...Daiquiri...

1/4 medium Avacado
3/4 oz fresh Lime Juice
1 cup ice
1 oz Rum
1 oz Malibu Rum

Add ice to blender. Add rums, lime juice, and 1/4 medium avocado in blender. Blend until thoroughly mixed and smooth. Pour into glass and garnish with lime wedge and a healthy scoop of F#@$! You...F%$#@ You Very Very Much..............

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