Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I was recently asked to try out a new on-line bar,
Belvedere Bar ... Why I don't know, as quite frankly, I really don't like anything. Especially when it comes to on-line bar tending or "mixology" sites. As they tend to try and be all fancy pants and technical, bla bla who cares. After all we are just making cocktails here people, not saving the world...although we are making it a hell of a lot happier...

I am a firm believer that when it comes to mixing up a yummy Libation, it should be fresh, simple, too the point and of course...FABULOUS...and Belvedere Bar does just that. I was pleasantly surprised at how "UN-fancy pants" the site was. The site is clean and functional, with loads of fabulous pictures of the cocktails...all making me so thirsty at this very moment...The recipes are simple, innovative and fresh without going over board on trying to be uber trendy and gimmicky. The ingredients are easy to source, fresh and will not go to waste at your next party.

The site itself is not cluttered with ...well...drivel...It has some mixing tips, cocktail inspiration, a blog and of course Fabulous recipes. It also has some fantastic videos from Claire Smith the head of Spirit Creation & Mixology for Belvedere. She is fabulous at what she does and keeps her demos fun and so easy to follow. No need to get into detail, you just need to check it out...

I also had the opportunity to get a preview sample of one of Belvedere's new products, Belvedere Silver Limited Edition...oh I love my job...
As most of you know...I consider vodka to be the nectar of the gods...and Belvedere Silver does not disappoint. The bottle itself is... FA...BU...LOUS...both whats inside and out. This vodka is polished and has a great finish, makes a killer martini...straight up with two olives please...
I don't recommend dumping a bottle of this into your Aunt Ethel's punch. This is a high end vodka and should be used for your own pure selfish enjoyment...I reserve mine for people I actually like...So if your ever at one of my shin digs and I don't offer up the Belvedere Silver... well you get the picture.



Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Years Try

So I have a love hate relationship with New I do with most things.

I LOVE the idea of a fresh start and 365 new days full of possibility.

I HATE the pressureof having to make a resolution to better myself or others or the world. I really don’tunderstand the concept of starting a whole brand new year off setting yourself up for
failure and disappointment. I could resolve to lose weight and blow some hard earned
cash on a gym membership that will sit idle in my wallet tucked snugly beside all my
“points” cards. Or better yet I could resolve to quite that’s just crazy talk.

Why does it have to be a “resolution?” When I looked the word up, one of the meanings
was ...

-The mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose.

As a mother of four I have been in several mental states and as far as “firmness”
goes there really isn’t any of that left anywhere. So this year I have decided not to make
any New Years “Resolutions”, instead I am making New Years “Try”..or “Wish”...ore
even a New Years “Give it a Whirl”...

Heres my list...(well sort of a list)

1)For New Years I am going to TRY and have more patients...for those who “TRY” my
patients...and if I fail...well at least I TRIED...And if you switch those letters up you
get...TIRED...that’s why I failed, cause I’m TIRED. Oh how I “WISH” I could get more
sleep...That’s it, my New Years “WISH”...I think I will “GIVE IT A WHIRL”...

There... resolutions done! Not quite sure what they are, but I know I have been
totally uncommitted and did not set myself up for any type of failure that can lead to self
loathing that ultimately leads to the emptying of an entire tub of Rocky Road...Oh my
word I have just saved myself 5 pounds! Another success, I am on a roll.

Besides, as far as I am concerned... I did ok last year why can’t I just celebrate
I took care of my family...(especiall my hub's..wink wink...), helped others, gave to charity, lived Green, held the door for old ladies and hot men. What more can a girl do?

I TRY...and have TRIED...and I am TIRED!

So go forth this New Year and just be FABULOUS in all you do. CHEERS


1 ounce Vodka
1 ounce Blueberry Liqueur
3 ounce pink grapefruit juice
1 ounce white grape juice
Shake all ingredients well with ice and serve with a slice of...a personal mantra...”I am a
good person, I like me...”