Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY Deeva- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF!

So I don't JUST do Cocktails...but I like to celebrate everything that I do ..do..with a Cocktail..

So here is my DIY- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF...

I was inspired by my friend Sarah who is the Wall Candy Mummy blogger in the Yummy Mummy Club.
She took something old and ugly and made it fresh and fabulous in a snap...Oh how I wish it was that easy to do to my face...boobs and ass...;) oh and let's not forget underarm waddle...

So I looked around my house ( by passing all mirrors) to find
something old and ugly and tripped over my two sofa pillows. These poor things had taken a beating from the kids and were ugly and starting to fray.

So I decided to make them my DIY and give them a new life.

What you will need for this project...

- Fabulous material - amount depends on quantity and size of pillows
- needle and thread ..(i'm old school...no sewing machine)
- scissors
- bandaids (because I am old school and have no sewing machine)
- Vodka ( merely used as a disinfectant for all the finger pricks)

So I crudely cut out a swatch of fabric a tad larger than the pillow, turned it inside out and began to sew...Now it's not pretty, in fact I am sure Stevie Wonder could of done a better job. But I figure all the mistakes will be hidden when I turn it right side in..right?

And...I was right... they turned out FABULOUS!!

Here is the pillows sad look and home BEFORE....

And now...Their Lush and Deevine new look and Home...

So was it all worth it..the time..the blood loss...the cursing...the cost!! ???

Hell Yes...The Deeva also loves a good deal and I got this Fabulous Fabric for a SO
NG! It was already on sale for $14.98 a yard, a bargain in itself. But was also on the BUY 1 get 2 FREE table...SWEET STRAWBERRY PRESERVES IT CAN'T BE TRUE!!! .....

It was and it took me about a yard to do 2 pillows...for a total cost of....

So with every job well done...we must celebrate with a Fantastic Libation...Cheers

DIY DAIQUIRI...with a splash of Martha Stewart...

1/2 cup frozen peaches
1 dash vanilla extrac
juice from 1 fresh lime
1 tbsp superfine sugar
1 1/2 oz Vodka (or rum)
1 cup crushed ice
1 oz peach schnapps
2 ounces white grape juice

Combine the peaches, lime juice, rum, schnapps, brandy, vanilla, and sugar in the blender until smooth. Add the ice with the blender running and process until smooth. Serve in a LARGE chilled cocktail glasses.


Friday, August 13, 2010

LAME AND FAB..how can that be???

So this week has KICKED MY ASS...and I have never been happier for...


But I am tired and would really like someone else to make me a Cocktail for a change...

Alas...I must make my own...

So this week it is "Brown Paper Bag" easy..and may give me the boost I need.

4 ounces Dragon Fruit Vitamin Water
Garnish with fresh fruit

Enjoy Your Weekend...


Thursday, August 12, 2010

That's Right..I'm The Cake Boss...;)

So I made a cake for my darling sons 3rd birthday...and it garnered a lot of compliments. Which I LOVE...not going to lie...I will take a compliment over a kick in the ass any day...

But I felt compelled to show you how I made it, I felt guilty really. Because it is SOOOO simple and requires ZERO cake making skills...this is a th
e perfect skill level for me...

SO here we go...First what you will need...

2- Deep'n Delicious McCains Chocolate Cakes
1- flat pan/cookie sheet - upside down for base
1- Box Oreo Cookie Crumbs
2- Sheet Grey Construction Paper
1/2 cup Graham Cracker Crumbs
set of Toy Construction Trucks
black marker

So here is where it gets all technical and Martha Stewart like...not so much...Simply place 1 & 1/2 cakes onto a corner of the pan. Well "place" is relative....

I would love to tell you not to worry and that it is going to look so much better...but it's really not. Now you need to take the left over 1/2 and smush and pile it onto a corner...not pretty...But you get to lick your fingers after, always a BONUS!

Ok, so it's not pretty but now is when the magic happens and I CAN tell you that it is going to start to look a lot better...and more like...well...a Pilo'O'Dirt...Just spread out the icing over the whole thing, as best as you can..does not need to be pretty. The cover entire thing in Oreo Cookie Crumbs..and Voila! DIRT!

Here is where your going to also add the road, just taped the grey construction paper down and added some lines..easy peasy...

Finally time to dress the cake...Just add all the little cars and trucks where ever you like. I combined the graham cracker crumble with the Oreo Cookie crumble to create a lighter colour of dirt...Some rocks (real) be sure to take those out before serving...and VOILA! A construction site ready for fun...and it tastes YUMMY!!!

In total this cake took 30 minutes to put together and cost $14.00...The cookie crumbs and trucks were on sale..SCORE!

The Look on my Sons face when he saw it.....PRICELESS!!!

Who says you shouldn't play with your food????

He sat and played for over an hour...and the cake..was delicious....


Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Canada I Stand on Guard For Thee!!!

So here it is ... a regular old Monday when all of a sudden my email box starts filling up. Theres 1,2 6,12...What The Hell? Did George Clooney get married and these are all wishes of sympathy??

No, not that...( I still have a shot...)

All the emails, marked urgent, were about an article published Saturday August 7th on The National Post.com by Adam McDowell , titled "The Myth of our Caesar."

Now before I go any further I need to clarify a few things...I am not a journalist and don't write for any fancy papers, so lay off my grammar & fact checking. I am not a "Cocktail Historian", a fancy New York or Paris bartender, relative of Walter Chell or own stocks in Mott's.

What I am however is...a proud CANADIAN CocktailDeeva, mom , blogger, award winning author and...THE LEADER OF CANADA'S NATION COCKTAIL PARTY!!!

So I say to you Adam McDowell and all your Sherlock Holmes worthy investigation work...


Why did you feel the need to debunk this so called "myth"? There are much bigger
myths to fry, Loch Ness , Big Foot, Does it really take 7 years to pass gum after you swallow it?

As a people Canadians are very proud, but we are not boastful...however sometimes we need to be damn it.
Sometimes we need to stand up and say ...NO...and NON for my bi-lingual friends...

NO you can't have it...
NO we won't let you give it away...
NO we simply don't believe you...

I know it may seem trite and yes I may need to get a life or a hobby...and yes I am wrapping the whole "Oh she's just a crazy blogger" stereo type up in a nice little ribbon for you.

But say what you will Canadians hold their countries treasures close to their hearts. We love our beavers, loons and sap. Our toques, toboggans and hockey. Out Timmie's,
back bacon and Brian Adams.

Quite frankly we (me) don't give a rats ass that you "unearthed evidence" with some U.S. cocktail guru "who consulted his large database of cocktail lore". I consulted my large database of Cocktail Lovers...and it's unanimous....

THE CAESER IS OURS...not Paris or New York's ...were keeping it...Canadian...Calgarian...

We get the Caesar...They can have Celine Dion...


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vacation? Stay-cation? = “PAY”cation

So with buying a new house and 2 of the 4 kids being under 3, we have decided to rethink the summer vacation this year.

Now itʼs up to me to come up with ways to make packing up the house “FUN”. I guess there is always fun to be had with cardboard boxes, duct tape and a sharpie...sounds like an episode of MacGyver.

I have been racking my brain (not at all a long process) to come up with some fun, “Stay-cation” ideas. Having such a different age range with the kids (14,12,3 ans 20 months) is making this more difficult than I thought...

Stay-cations usually i

nvolve camping in the backyard, visit local museums, movie nights, these things are all well and good if all your kids are into them. But taking 2 babies to the museum sounds like a nightmare to me, frankly I would rather chew glass.

Basically my ultimate goal is to find something to do where the older kids are “helping” me with the younger ones, while having fun of course...I just may have to resort to bribery. This could be more expensive than a vacation after all.

I have come up with a few ideas to try and make it through the next 4 weeks or so. I will let you know in September if my sanity is still intact..I know, I know, itʼs a cliff hanger.

Hereʼs my pl

an, cross your fingers that it goes better than the “Cooking Bacon on the BBQ Plan of 2003...” A whole other story...

1) Let the big kids pick the events...From Breakfast all the way to dinner, with fun things to do in between. All kids no matter what age like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, picnics or just running through the yard with a bunch of beach balls kicking them around. This calls for a trip to the party store...

2) “LAWN SALE”...get the kids to pick out all their toys that they donʼt play with anymore and set up a yard sale on the front lawn. Mix up a batch of Kool Aid and let have a blast. Letting them know that the money they earn is theirs to keep is always a great incentive. This sale can last a day, a week, or however long you can tolerate it. In the end, take all the unsold toys and donate the to charity. A win, win for everyone.

3) MONEY...yes this is where the “PAY”cation comes in. Pay your older kids to help out with the younger ones. Make it like a little job for them. Then treat them to a trip to the mall or a movie to spend their (your) hard earned cash. They say money is the root of all evil, but in my world right now it is the root of all “Sanity”.

Hope you all have great Vacations or Stay cations this summer with your family and friends...

CheersMoney Can Buy Happiness...Colada

1 1/2 oz rum

1/2 ounce raspberry liqueur (or syrup)

2 ounces pineapple juice

2 ounces white cranberry juice

Blend all the with ice until slushy. Garnish with fresh raspberries and a line of credit!!! This also makes a fun Moc

ktail for the kids, garnish theirs with a freezy some added fun.