Thursday, February 10, 2011


Much like we are not to judge a book by it's cover, don't judge a restaurant by it's website...cus it's not good...but the restaurant is FABULOUS...

Before I go further, Dear Montys, the world is full of website snobs (like me)...Hook it up...

So I don't get out much...well I do, but it's always work events. I don't get out much for ME and with friends and when I do I want to go someplace that Rocks! The definition of Rocks for me is...

1) Close to home - cheap cab fair
2) Great ambiance - no peanut shells on the floor & a door on the ladies washroom
3) Good Booze Selection - nuff said
4) Great Prices - so I can eat and drink more
5) Fab Service - goes without saying...but always worth repeating

Montys on Queen in Hespeler has all 5...and the dact that our server was nice eye candy is a bonus! What?? I don't get out much remember...

Montys food was divine, they serve Tapas, I hear Tapas.They have a great selection all at $6, what's not to love. Also platters, flat breads and sandwiches..OH MY!

I think their main menu is one of the best I've seen, 4 choices...Steak, Chicken, Ribs and Seafood, all bases covered and no lengthy novel like menu to read through.

Now onto the BOOZE! Fabulous cocktail menu, again not a novel. A small selection of Divine Martini and Cocktails, really funky fab beers and a Wine list that I may just tattoo on my back.

I found a new favourite red during my night out...

2005 Gran Fuedo Reserva - Tampranillo- CabSauv/Mertlot from Spain...and at 9$ a glass I enjoyed a couple!
There by the glass prices range from 7$ to 10$ and you get a great selection. Only having a couple by the glass to choose from is always a pet peeve of mine. Believe it or not...I don't ALWAYS want a whole bottle.

The bartender made me a special cocktail to sample and I fell in love all over again. I had had this one before, but maybe it was the Tapas talking, this one was the best and it was because of the Beer. Although I only had a sip since it got hijacked by the table.

Black Forest Cake Martini (Krombacher'Tini)
Krombacher Dark Beer
Creme de Cacao
Sour puss Raspberry

**Rub all over your body good**

I believe KW this needs to be the location of our next Tweet-Up... and many girls nights out...

If your looking for a fab and yummy night out, this is your place...Mention that you heard about it through my blog and get a FREE TAPAS!! Cheers to free food...
3 Queen St E Hespeler

Montys Tapas on Face Book...tell them they need a Twitter account...