Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vodka Infused Apple Sauce...

There is nothing I like more than adding Vodka to food...well there a few things I like more, but this is way up there...

Everyone I know, except me, is a fan of putting fruit on their meat...I just don't get it...

So I figured if they insisted on putting apple sauce on their at least should be good apple sauce. Not the quasi baby formula crap you buy at the grocery store.

And...since I was making it from scratch...why not add a little Vodka to it...

Recipe- Serves 6
3 large apples
2 tbs brown sugar
6 tbs white sugar
1/2 ounce vanilla liqueur

Peel, core and dice apples. Place in a jar and add enough vodka to just cover them. Let sit for a day. Pour marinated apples into a sauce pan and add 1 cup of water, cook until apples are tender, about 15 minutes. Strain apples and add to blender/food processor. Blend in sugars, lemon juice and vanilla liqueur. Once all is blended pour back into sauce pan and cook on low heat for another 5 minute...Let cool and serve.

Cheers and Enjoy...I will be waiting for you dinner invitations...


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

FLIRTY THIRTIES are almost up!!!

So as of today I have exactly 6 months left in my Flirty Thirties...On June 21st 2011 I will enter my FABULOUS 40's...

I am very excited about this...but then realized that time is running out...for what you ask? For me to do all the things that a women can do while in her 30's...but could not dream about doing in her 40's...

I am really not sure what they are but there has to be something...So here is where I need your help...Tell me what it is I have to make sure I do before I become a "Respectable 40 year Old Women"... (it could happen)...

Leave me your a comment with your idea on what I NEED to do and I will do my best to complete and document it of course...

Please keep in mind that I am happily married to George Clooney so no debauchery requests please... (send those to my personal email...)

So looking forward to these next 6 months and all your FABULOUS..and maybe some what scary...ideas...



Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I have 4 kids...2 are potty training at the moment, so needless to say my life is full of shit. So I am used to it, Poo that is...will be saying Shit a lot over the next few lines, so going to use Poo, sounds funner...go ahead, say it out loud...Poo Poo...

However this Poo that I am talking about is not being produced by my toddlers, but by toddlers
of another kind...ya that's right I called ya toddlers...Now I am the one Poo Poo'ing. But I am Poo Poo'ing on the Poo Poo'ers, so that's ok...right? Fawk, I'm lost, you lost?

The Poo and Poo makers that I speak of are on does that make it Twoo not Poo?

You know who they are, they find some fault in absolutely everything, nothing is off limits. From small fun Twitter parties to giant co-oporations. No matter what, every one and every thing has done something to offend them. They set out to criticize, offend and try and stir up...well POO...

It's getting to the point where your afraid to comment or say something because a Winged Gaggle of Poo Poo'ers will swoop down and pluck you cyber eyeballs out... too graphic?

I know what your thinking, the freedom of speech goes both ways and I agree, 100%. The Poo Poo'ers have the right to bitch and complain about whatever they want, giant co-operations are at their mercy. That's just fine, I don't have to follow and I don't have to read all the crap...By the way...DEAR Poo Poo'ers of the world...there is such a thing as CRYING WOLF...If you SHIT on every company for the smallest thing, no ones going to give a SHIT anymore. I know it's hard to believe but not everyone is perfect. This also takes away from real issues that can cause real change... Check out ... or did they piss you off too?

My issue is when Poo Poo'ers jump all over the common woman or man or the harmle
ss party. Note to self Poo Poo' don't know who's on the other end of that computer screen you treasure so deeply. You don't know what kind of life that person has that you just jumped all over and SHIT on...Maybe they have been looking forward to Thursday night Twitter party all week, cus it's the one FAWKING thing they have in their life that brings them a little joy. Maybe they can't leave their home or room and expressing themselves through social media is all they have. And Maybe...just Maybe...your wrong! Did you get the whole conversation or did ya Tweet jack them? Do you know if they were talking about the same issue 3 days ago and this is a continuation of something you missed totally.

The whole point of Twitter is to interact, and that is my favourite part of it all. But don't JUMP and hurl the POO POO! Dip your toe in first, ask a question, find out what the chat is really about.

Ultimately there are real people at the end of your Poo Poo'ing. #BEKIND

I have been involved in many SHIT STORMS in my life and I have a great arm and great aim.

Nuff Said...

1 ounce of Enough Already...
2 ounces of Sometimes it's Good to say NOTHING
1 ounce of what's it like to be right all the time???

Add all ingredients to a shaker full of ice and shake well until ingredients get a grip and chill...Garnish with a wedge of sweet silence.

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