Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY Deeva- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF!

So I don't JUST do Cocktails...but I like to celebrate everything that I do ..do..with a Cocktail..

So here is my DIY- DO (drink) IT YOURSELF...

I was inspired by my friend Sarah who is the Wall Candy Mummy blogger in the Yummy Mummy Club.
She took something old and ugly and made it fresh and fabulous in a snap...Oh how I wish it was that easy to do to my face...boobs and ass...;) oh and let's not forget underarm waddle...

So I looked around my house ( by passing all mirrors) to find
something old and ugly and tripped over my two sofa pillows. These poor things had taken a beating from the kids and were ugly and starting to fray.

So I decided to make them my DIY and give them a new life.

What you will need for this project...

- Fabulous material - amount depends on quantity and size of pillows
- needle and thread ..(i'm old school...no sewing machine)
- scissors
- bandaids (because I am old school and have no sewing machine)
- Vodka ( merely used as a disinfectant for all the finger pricks)

So I crudely cut out a swatch of fabric a tad larger than the pillow, turned it inside out and began to sew...Now it's not pretty, in fact I am sure Stevie Wonder could of done a better job. But I figure all the mistakes will be hidden when I turn it right side in..right?

And...I was right... they turned out FABULOUS!!

Here is the pillows sad look and home BEFORE....

And now...Their Lush and Deevine new look and Home...

So was it all worth it..the time..the blood loss...the cursing...the cost!! ???

Hell Yes...The Deeva also loves a good deal and I got this Fabulous Fabric for a SO
NG! It was already on sale for $14.98 a yard, a bargain in itself. But was also on the BUY 1 get 2 FREE table...SWEET STRAWBERRY PRESERVES IT CAN'T BE TRUE!!! .....

It was and it took me about a yard to do 2 pillows...for a total cost of....

So with every job well done...we must celebrate with a Fantastic Libation...Cheers

DIY DAIQUIRI...with a splash of Martha Stewart...

1/2 cup frozen peaches
1 dash vanilla extrac
juice from 1 fresh lime
1 tbsp superfine sugar
1 1/2 oz Vodka (or rum)
1 cup crushed ice
1 oz peach schnapps
2 ounces white grape juice

Combine the peaches, lime juice, rum, schnapps, brandy, vanilla, and sugar in the blender until smooth. Add the ice with the blender running and process until smooth. Serve in a LARGE chilled cocktail glasses.


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Sarah Gunn said...

Love them Dee! I am SO making this cocktail for my next DIY. then it won't be such a mistake when I call it my DUI.