Monday, November 8, 2010

HEELing Hunger

So as many of you know...I love Shoes...So I have joined forces with SuzieSwapper and together ...we are HEELing Hunger...


To participate, we are asking that you upload a photo of your gently worn shoes and contribute a min of $9 per pair to our shoe swapFUNDRAISER. In return you get to help feed local food banks, feel good & get a Fabulous pair of shoes in return!!! How To do this:

1.Join our HEELING hunger Facebook page & website to get the latest info and view all the available shoes.
2. Upload photos of your preloved shoes onto our page. We accept Men's/Womens shoes/boots... No children's shoes please.
3. Go to the heeling hunger website & click on the paypal link to donate. Please note: You can upload/donate as many pairs as you like but for each pair we ask for a $9min donation and in return, you get to pick a Fabulous pair off our FB page. There's THE SWAP!
4. Check back daily on our FB page(and invite your pals to join too) as we hope to add more shoes regularly.
5. Once we receive confirmation of your donation (and thanks btw!) we will notify you. Now the fun begins:
6. Start swapping! Browse the site often - BUT - once you find a pair you like call Stampys, No erasy as soon as possible!! Or simply write a request in the comment box below the shoes asking for them. This is a first come first served swap!!
7. At that point, we will help you coordinate shipping arrangements, if necessary. (please note that if shipping is necessary, the avg. cost to ship domestically is approx. $9/box)
8. Once we hit our first round goal ($250) we will start all over again !!

Nitty Gritty or FAQ

Ew, gross.. you can have my shoes but I don't want yours - Can I donate shoes just because I want to, without reciving a pair in return?
Yes, absolutely. But keep in mind, the rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't give them to your boss, this may not be the best place for them either. We don't want anything to tired, worn or aged please.

What information about the shoes do you need?
We need to know the size, if they are men's/womens (not as obvious as you may think) and we need to know if these shoes have ever participated in illegal operations. That's it.

I have the coolest pair of crocs & Birks what do I do with them?
Throw them away. Immediately. No offense, but unless they are new with tags, sandals, flipflops, birkenstocks & crocs are not appropriate. Thanks anyway!

Why $9?
Because seriously, where on earth can you get a pair of shoes for $9. Oh, and both Cocktail Deeva & Suzieswapper wear a size 9. We are subliminally encouraging you to post ALL of your size 9 shoes.

Why don't you accept children's shoes?
Because it turns out, Cocktail Deeva likes to frame her kids shoes and Suzieswappers likes to incinerate her kids shoes. However, there are tons of amazing charities, more than happy to take them. Let me know if you need a hand finding one in your area, it would be my pleasure.


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