Saturday, June 25, 2011


Canada Day is by far my Fave summer holiday...To me it is the best way to kick of my favourite season...

With 4 kids, 2 teens and 2 toddlers, it is always a chore to try and decide what to do for Canada Day. Mama wants low maintenance and indoor plumbing. Dad would prefer to pee in a bush and eat grubs off a rock. Guess who wins?

Here are a few fun, easy and some have indoor plumbing, ideas on what to do with your friends or family for Canada Day...


Anyone who knows me knows I DO NOT CAMP...I bugs, indoor plumbing and room service are preferred. Also with toddlers,1 still in diapers, I am sorry it is not fun...So this year I have given into my husbands desire to go camping and we will be pitching a tent...right in our own back yard . So mommy can sleep and pee inside ... It is FREE and fun and the kids
could care a less where we are so long as they get to sleep in a tent...WIN WIN!

I LOVE picnics, with wine...I love the whole idea of the fun foods you can wrap up. The pretty blanket you can sit and eat on, the cool picnic kits that you can find, so fun. See I'm an outdoors'ey girl. The best part is you can have them anywhere!! No reservations required and they are always kid friendly.


If you have a pool, you are so lucky! if you don't , makes friends with someone who does, even better, no maintenance! I have always loved a good pool party, the sun, the surf...well sort of, Kids splashing around, so fun! This can be a great way to spend a day with the family and friends, just be sure to be safe, both around the pool with kids and with the sun screen!!


There is something about fireworks that makes me feel like a 5 year old kid, I LOVE them. What I don't like is driving to a "place" to see them, paying for parking, peeing in port'a'potties, paying $7 for a bottle of water and then waiting 60 minutes at the end of the night to get out of the parking lot. Oh goodness what a mess... What I DO like is fun, neighbourhood firework parties, lawn chairs, coolers and indoor plumbing. I suggest to talk to some families in your neighbourhood and creating a Fab HOOD firework extravaganza at someones house or a local park. Just be sure to check into your cities by-laws to make sure you wont get busted...There is no fun in spending the night in the "Big House."


By far these are my favourite as I LOVE to entertain. I do believe that Canada Day is about hotdogs and potato salad, cold drinks, family and good friends. There is nothing more invited then having people over to your own home. If you are having one, I will be waiting for my invite!

Regardless of what kind of party you are up for on Canada Day, the main thing is to be a great host or help a friend be a great host. The best way to do this is to visit... , where you will find FABULOUS Mocktail recipes, tips and ideas on how to help make sure non of your guest drink and drive.

Be sure to also visit their FaceBook page and take the pledge today!

Here is my favourite Canada Day Mocktail recipe...Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe Canada Day...




Anonymous said...

Love it! You sound like my husband. His idea of camping is a cheap hotel.
Hope you have a blast in the backyard. We used to do the at-home camping too and have even had indoor picnics, complete with blanket spread out, many times.
Happy Canada Day!

Kat (@bumpandhustle) said...

I love the backyard campout idea!! It's a total win-win. So. Much. Fun. Have an awesome Canada Day.