Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So if your 1 of the 2 people, besides my mom, who read my blog. You will know there are few things that I love more than Vodka...It's not that I love drinking it all the time, if that was the case I might be writing this from a tiny room with Lindsay Lohan as my room mate. I love mixing it... and experiment with it...and seeing just how FABULOUS I can get it to taste (just a sip).

So that is why this post is all about my DREAM JOB, well other than being George Clooney's Black Berry...Just imagine how many times he pushes those buttons...I digress....

Belvedere Vodka has
launched a search for the World’s Greatest Vodka Ambassador with “A Bartender’s Dream Job". One lucky bartender can win a $100,000 contract working directly with the brand.

They will get to travel around the world and teach people how to make FABULOUS cocktails with Belvedere Vodka and how to be, like moi...a VODKA LOVER.

You don't have to be a bartender to win this DEEVINE gig...You just have to be... like moi...A VODKA LOVER!

Bartenders and vodka enthusiasts are encouraged to show the world their creativity and talent by uploading video submissions to
Don't be something with the 3 F's...Fun, Fearless and FABULOUS...

If you post a video please leave in a link in the comments...I would love to see it!!




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