Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FABULOUS Mojito...with flare!

So I love my job...this is not new news to anyone who knows me...I have a good gig.

I receive so many fabulous recipes and cocktail ideas all the time, and I thank you for every single one...

This time however I received some simply DEEVINE recipes and picture from a fantastic woman in Venezuela...

I here I am to Venezuela what David Hasselhoff is to Germany...;)

This lovely woman is Enriqueta and she has an amazing blog herself that she has just begun and is so worth following.

When she sent me these recipes and pictures I just had to share them. They are amazing, fresh and exactly what I want in a Libation!

I hope you check out Enriqueta's blog and enjoy the Fabulou'ness that is this Cocktail!

Strawberry & Basil Mojito

This is, by far, the best mojito I ever had. Not only does this cocktail combine three ingredients that I definitely love: Ron de Venezuela, my home country, strawberries, one of my favorite non tropical fruits, and basil, an herb that I could not live without. But it’s how the ingredients work together: fresh

strawberries give this mojito its kind of guava bright pink color, while the hints of basil flavor and aroma surprise the palate and nose, making it the perfect gourmet drink for spring and summer.

For taking the chance to make rum and strawberry work so well with basil, I’m going to tell you about Charlotte Voisey, the mixologist who created this superb drink. Convinced as I am, that it’s time for us drinkers and writers to honor mixologists and bartenders, because they are the ones making every hour a happy one, I’m honoring Charlotte.

She’s a super talented mixologist from London, who now lives in New York City, after working in Barcelona (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). In NYC, she manages the bar at Kenmare in Soho and she’s also William Grant & Sons USA mixologist, representing Hendrick’s gin.

Here is my Selecto and Splenda version of Charlotte Voisey’s Strawberry & Basil Mojito. Salud!

Strawberry and Basil Mojito

1½ shots of rum Santa Teresa Selecto

4 teaspoons of Splenda

2 strawberries halved

6-8 leaves of basil

Club soda

In a boston, muddle very well all ingredients but the rum. Once the rum is added, shake with cubed ice and strain over into a highball glass filled with crushed ice. Top off with soda. Garnish with a basil leaf and a strawberry slice.


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