Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No Booze can still be FABULOUS? WHAT?

Summer may be winding down, but "Party Season" is just getting started.

The one thing I love about fall and winter is all the Holidays and Party Occasions on the way...this is truly the only thing I love about Winter...well that and a whole new FAB Boot selection on the way...

So with family , friends and questionable relatives about to descend on your home for a festive gathering, it is important to make all your guests feel special and FABULOUS...

Even the ones who DON'T DRINK...!!! I know, it's hard to believe, but yes, there are people out there who don't partake in an alcoholic beverage. I often wonder how they manage to survive, but they do...And it is imperative to make them feel as welcome and deevine as everyone else.

My tip for this, is to set up a chic Non-Alcoholic mini bar or station at your party. Make it entirely self serve, you only need to check on the ice once and a while.

You only need a few offerings, keeping it simple
is always best. Some carbonated
water, fun flavoured sodas and some juice is a
great choice.

Also offer a small fresh garnish place, some berries or citrus wedges for the guests to add to their bevy. It's a small touch but a fun one to make the libations more fun and festive.

This is a simple way to offer your guest who don't drink or are driving something a little bit more fabulous than coffee, tea or pop.

It also brings your Fabulous Host status way up !!! Look out Martha..

For this last long weekend of summer...A party is a MUST...We need to squeeze out every last drop of summer...

This weekend I am whipping up Water Melon Lemonade...One of my Favourite combinations...

For more Tips and ideas on how to be the host or hostest with the mostest, and more FABULOUS mocktail recipes. Be sure to check out the Deflate the Elephant Website and take the pledge on their Facebook Page. Drinking and Driving affects everyone, make sure your guests stay safe so there are many more fabulous party to come.

Cheers and I hope you had a Summer filled with FABULOUS'NESS....



vicky said...

Great Post. Cant wait to try the watermelon lemonade.

FMNsocial said...


Non-drinkers so often get overlooked because people either aren't aware they don't drink, or assume they should be fine with boring pop or coffee.....
Treating them well shows that you really DO support Deflate the Elephant-type campaigns, by showing you appreciate those who are always available to be Designated Drivers.

Some great mocktails are available from President's Choice (as I see you've found), and are *much better* than their carbonated juices. They're sometimes hard to find, but they're surprisingly tasty. I highly recommend the mojitos and margaritas. If you choose to do those, they taste 10x better with a salt-rimmed glass, which also can be prepped ahead.
Also, if you can't find those, it makes a big difference to someone forced to drink Coca-Cola all night to have a bit of variety..... so even just showing a bit of creativity in your soda or juice choices goes a long way to a non-drinker! (Club soda and tonic water will probably already be at your bar! Also, root beer or cream soda are nice dessert-type drinks to offer, and having Grenadine on hand will make your 7-Up/Sprite much more interesting, especially if you have some orange juice to make Shirley Temples! You can also pick up some more unique juices like lychee, loganberry, passionfruit.. even REAL grape juice which tastes similar to wine! .. Juices that might be enticing even to drinkers near the end of the night)

DDs are often forgotten about at cocktail parties, so make sure you stand out from the crowd and treat them right!

Great post!