Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deck The Halls....Sarah's Back in D'a House

Deck The Halls...Sarah's Back in D'a House...

So the Holidays are on their way...Ho Ho Ho, Feliz Navidad and all that crap...Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays. I have 4 kids, I have no choice but to put on my Santa's Helper Happy Face...

But I have recently discovered I have something to truly get all Joyeux Noel about...SARAH'S BACK ON HGTV AND THE GIRL IS HAVING A PARTY!!!

No I don't work for HGTV and no I don't know Sarah Richardson, but she seems totally FANTASTIC...I know it's all for T.V. and she could be a total Cow...but in my world ( and through very reliable sources...) she is FAB...And if she knew me I know she would love me...and we would hang out and have cocktails, sleepovers and become
life long girlie friends...

I am not a wanna be designer ( or stalker...), just a simple gal who loves to watch Sarah, and Tommy of course, work their magic no matter what they do. Between work, the 4 kids, dog and...well all the other house crap, I don't get much time to sit and enjoy...But come Hell or High water...( only George Clooney himself at my door could keep me a
way...& would make him sit down and watch it with me...) I will have my, not as perky as it used to be, ass glued to my favorite chair on November 29th at 8pm tuned into HGTV...with a Deevalicious Cocktail in hand!!!

And for this Oh So Special occasion...I am pulling out the good stuff and making a signature Holiday Hot Totty...

" All I want for Christmas is an...invitation to Sarah's Fabulous Holiday Party"...Hot Totty...
with a dash of...I could als0 use a new pair of really cute black ankle booties....

1 ounce French Kiss Vanilla Liqueur
1 ounce Chambord Liqueur (Raspberry Liq...)
1 pkg Hot Chocolate
4 After Eights
Whipped Cream

- Slightly Melt 3 of the after eights, not too runny... use them to rim your mug, do this first so the chocolate has time to harden up. Make your hot chocolate and stir in your Vanilla Liq and Chambord. Top with whip cream and garnish with your 4th after eight...You can also crush chocolate mint cookies for the rim. Just dip the rim of your mug in milk and then into crushed cookies...Sit back and enjoy.

- If you don't have after eights you can always use peppermint hot chocolate and melted chocolate chips to rim your glass. If you are not partial to peppermint at all, just use regular hot chocolate and chocolate chips for the rim.

Lot's of Fun and Fabulous Holiday Cocktails on their way...Cheers


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