Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bridezilla Bit Me!!!

I was recently asked to create a signature cocktail for a friends wedding. Now I always hesitate to do this as I am not one to mix business and friends...not the friends I actually wanna keep anyway.
So reluctantly agreed and not long into my new project my worst fears were realized.
My friend was an actual, bonafide, BRIDEZILLA...and to make matters worse her mother-in-law is one too. Shouldn't someone tell her it's not her wedding? I kept waiting for her head to spin around and see her run through the room screaming "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!"...
So now what? I am stuck? trapped? I need Bill Clinton to negotiate my release!
I am due to book a tasting appointment and I am avoiding it an ppointment with a crazy bride and her mother-in-law.
I know I can't hide forever, but damn it I'm gonna try!

Wedding Cake Cocktail!!

Shake all ingedients with ice and then throw the shaker at the mother-in-law and RUN FORSET RUN!!!!!!!!


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