Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Mom Show

Hello All,

Happy Tuesday.
Today I ventured downtown Toronto to tape another segment of The Mom Show. It was a great time and I met some great moms. We are taping the fall season so I will keep you posted when they air.
It was a great day and time to myself, that was all spoiled by the crazy ride home...4 hours for a ride that takes about an hour!!!..The 401 west was closed and I tried to take another route and got dreadfully lost!!! If I wasn't preggers, AGAIN..I would make myself one stiff Martini!

But now in my travels I spotted something being done in a car that I have not seen before and pray I never see again. Mam, in the little blue car...You know who you are....Please remember that we can see you behind the wheel. And plucking the hairs out of your chin in your rear view mirro while stuck in traffic is not a pleasant site. Please save this for the privacy of your own home, or better yet....WAX!!!!!!!!!!


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