Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vegas Marks the Spot...

Here is my scavenger list for Vegas...From the ones I received I had to choose the ones that were legal and didn't involve nudity ...I know, so lame...but I am trying to avoid jail time and the ever so popular, Body Cavity Search...
I am going to try and get pictures of everything and do my very best to make an ass of myself in the process...
Hope you follow along...


Canadian flag flying..pic will do...@prossel

Strippers business card @qt_pie1602

Woman in veil in casino @Yo_Squirrely

Couple that just got married...@wam_art

Sequened item of clothing performer @ traylove19

Snoopy @MsBookish

pair of skis @jeniswright

A Toupe. (Bonus points if you take a picture of you wearing it).
Boxing gloves
Boots with the fur ala Low Rider
A picture of the Cocktail Deeva posing with a Las Vegas Diva
A monkey
A photo with your head sticking out the sunroof of a stretch limo
A mime
A flaming cocktail
*** ALL from @partymummy ...she is so creative and loves to torture me so...


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Belle said...

Have fun! The pair of skis should be interesting :)